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In some of our manufacturing processes, the use of tooling is required. This is not unique to our company, but is standard in all corrugated manufacturing. There are two types of tooling used in our industry: Cutting dies and Printing plates.

Flat Cutting Die DieROTARY CUTTING DIERotary Cutting Die

  A cutting die is is a tool made from heavy plywood, and steel rule, which is bent into the shape of the item to be made, and inserted into the plywood. Cutting dies are used to make items such as mailers, displays, file boxes, and any item that has a self-locking or self-assembling design. The cutting die is mounted into a die cutting press, which stamps out the item. There are two types of cutting dies. Flat cutting dies are used for small quantity orders of 1,000 parts or less, and rotary cutting dies, which are used in high speed presses for projects of 1,000 parts and above.

Cost – Costs for cutting dies vary greatly, depending on the size, complexity, and type of die required. Opening costs start at about $250, but can exceed $1,000 or more. When a project requires a cutting die, we will include the cost as part of our formal estimate. Cutting die costs are only charged one time, and we will store and maintain your tooling at no additional cost.

Printing Plate

Printing plates are made of highly specialized photopolymer materials, and are used to print line art and text directly onto corrugated boxes. This process is known as flexographic printing. It uses water-based inks, which have a matte finish. For every image to be printed, a plate is required. These plates are mounted onto a sheet of material that matches the item, so the print will be in the proper position each time the item is made. Items that are printed in multiple colors require a separate set of plates for each color.

Cost – Traditionally, all printing plates are made and sold through third party trade shops, which sell them to the box manufacturer, who in turn sell them to the box customer. The cost for printing plates varies greatly, depending on the size, complexity, and number of colors, but can cost between $200 and $2,000 or more, except at Jim Dandy Boxes!

At Jim Dandy Boxes, you will not be charged for printing plates for most items. We make the same quality printing plates as the trade shops in our full service graphics department, and provide them at no cost* as part of our Flexo-Graphics Packaging program. For complete details, see our Flexo-Graphics Packaging program page, Click Here. You can also call 800-451-2579, and talk to one of our Packaging Consultants. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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