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We design and manufacture all types of corrugated packaging, display, and related products. We are what is known in the industry as a custom manufacturer. Everything we produce is made to meet our customer’s specific needs and/or specifications. As a result, we don’t have items “In stock” for sale. What we do have is complete flexibility to make the package or product that meets your need. Below are descriptions of the types of packaging we produce.

Industrial & Commercial Packaging refers to the kinds of boxes that are used to ship products at an economic cost. These can be general sized shipping boxes for packing various sizes and shapes, or they can be custom sized boxes, made to a specific size for a particular item or purpose. Internal packaging, such as partitions, die cut inserts, layer pads, and void fills are often used to add protection, organization, and enhanced presentation to the package. Click to see examples.

Retail & Point of Purchase Packaging – Packaging designed specifically for the retail store environment. These packages typically have multi color or full color graphics designed to help sell the product. Products such as kitchen appliances and sporting goods are good examples. Point of Purchase displays that hold multiple items or products also fall into this category.
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Promotional & Specialty Packaging – Packaging designed specifically to carry promotional, advertising, or direct sales media directly to the customer. Commonly used for media kits, internet sales, and trade shows, this type of packaging ranges in appearance from clean, but professional, to fun and colorful. Click to see examples.

Manufacturing Methods

There are two methods of manufacturing boxes and corrugated products. One method uses standard box presses that have adjustable components that allow for making a variety of sizes, but in a limited number of styles. The styles of boxes made on these presses are mostly shipping style boxes that require tape or staples to seal them. Standard press boxes can be made without the use of cutting dies. The primary styles available are shown below:

Regular Slotted
Full Overlap
Half Slotted
Five Panel
Knock Down
Flat Tray
full overlap container
five panel folder

The other is the die cut method, in which the parts are made using a kind of tooling called a cutting die. This method is used for items that have self-locking features, complex folding designs, or unusual shapes and configurations. The styles and sizes that can be made this way are almost unlimited, but there are some upfront costs for the tooling. For more information on cutting dies, click here. Some examples of common die cut styles are shown below.

Tuck Top
Retail Mailer
One Piece
File Storage
Point of Purchase

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