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A professional package design is an essential part of any successful business plan. Whether it’s an industrial, retail, or advertising product, without the right package design, problems such as inconsistent package fulfillment, poor product presentation, and high shipping damage can occur.

We offer professional structural design services for almost any product. Our design team will create a custom package design for your project, based on your pre-determined criteria. This includes any internal packaging, such as inserts, platforms, cushioning foams and corner protection.

This service is priced on a per project basis. Because each project is unique, we cannot give an exact cost until one of our designers can evaluate it for size and complexity. There is more about costing later on this page.

How It Works: 

When you call, you’ll speak with one of our Packaging Consultants, who will discuss your project with you in detail. You will be given a preliminary assessment of how your project fits with our company’s capabilities and your budgetary requirements. If you choose to proceed, it will be necessary to send the item or items to be packaged so we can determine a design project cost for you to approve before work begins.

Project costs are priced at a labor rate of $100 per hour, and are determined by several criteria, including the size of the package, the number of component parts, the complexity of the overall design, and the amount of time it will take to complete the project. There is a one hour minimum for any project, and many less complex projects will fall into that category. However, it is usually necessary to do a proper assessment to be sure. Shipping is additional, and is priced according to the size of the package and ship-to location. If you prefer, we can ship on your Fedex/UPS account.

Once the project cost has been approved and a form of payment is secured, you’ll have a final consultation with the designer who will be handling your project, and a completion date will be scheduled. On the day your prototype ships, we’ll collect the agreed upon amount and provide a final invoice and tracking information via e-mail.

Special Note: Because we want you to feel that your investment in our service is well spent, if you place a production order for the item we designed within 30 days of the receipt of your prototype, we’ll credit you for the entire cost of the service upon shipment of your order.

What you get: 

When your project is completed, you’ll receive a working prototype, complete with the products that were sent to work with. We’ll also provide pricing for quantities of your choosing, based on a basic understanding of what the artwork will look like.
When you receive your prototype, you’ll be able to examine it to be sure it meets your expectations. If so, we’ll provide the templates for posting your artwork. If the design needs minor changes or adjustments, we’ll do that at no additional design cost. Just pay the shipping for any additional prototype(s) you want. If you want a major revision or a redesign that is not due to a mistake in design on our part, we’ll be happy to at an agreed upon price. What you really get,

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