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Whether your company is launching a new product line, needs a promotional kit for an upcoming trade show, or your marketing team is in need of a new standardized sales case, we can provide the solution you’re looking for. We’ll work with you to design and build the product that best suits both your objectives and budget.

Below are descriptions of the two major types of packaging we make in this area, along with examples of past projects we’ve produced. Take a few minutes and find the type of package that best fits your project from the examples provided. Then, click on the Request an Estimate button and submit your request. Be sure to include the picture number of the example you liked when describing your project in the Comments area of the request form.

Retail Packaging – Packaging designed specifically for the retail store environment. These packages typically have multi color or full color graphics designed to help sell the product. Products such as kitchen appliances and sporting goods are good examples. In some cases, internal packaging is needed for protective and/or presentation purposes. Click here to see examples.

Promotional Packaging – Packaging designed specifically to carry promotional, advertising, or direct sales media directly to the customer. Commonly used for media kits, internet sales, and trade shows, this type of packaging ranges in appearance from clean, but professional, to fun and colorful. Click here to see examples.

Please Note: Due to the unique nature of these types of projects, we may call and/or e-mail you to obtain additional information if needed. If your project requires extensive and/or complex structural design work, you may wish to utilize our Structural Design Services. Click here for complete details.

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