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With the use of Flexo-Graphics Packaging, we manufacture custom printed corrugated boxes to your specifications.

In every industry, there are names that come to mind immediately when one thinks of that product. In soft drinks, it’s Coca Cola; in tissue it’s Kleenex. We could go on, but you get the picture. These, and the other successful brand names, are successful because they have become household names in their marketplaces.

  Your company, too, is striving for that kind of success. In order to get there, it’s important that the people who use your products or services think of you first when they need them. Our Flexo-graphics Packaging™ program will make your custom printed corrugated boxes come alive with style and color.

Flexo-graphics Packaging
turns your packaging from “just a box”, into an advertising platform for your company.  Here are just a few of the benefits of this program:

Name Recognition. By adding branding graphics to your package, you
ensure that your company will be associated with the product inside.

Add Credibility and Professionalism. A customer’s first impression of your company is often when the package arrives. A professional appearance will enhance your customer’s perception of you and increase the chance they will return, and recommend you to others.

Advertising Medium. You now have a traveling billboard for your company. Use it to tell others who and where you are, how to reach you, and about your products and services. This is as effective as advertising gets, as it goes directly to the people who buy and use your products and/or services, as well as others who will see it and remember the company with the “great packaging”.

What is Flexo-graphics Packaging? This program is designed specifically for the industrial or commercial customer who ships their goods in regular corrugated shipping or mailer style boxes, and wants to take their packaging to a new level of quality. Many companies use plain stock boxes because they are cheap and readily available. However, these boxes do nothing to (1) promote the company, (2) instill customer confidence, or (3) help the customer remember where they got that product the last time.  Flexo-graphics Packaging will change that. We will help you to turn your packaging from boring to brilliant by adding branding graphics to your boxes.

There are many ways to brand your packaging. From a simple one color logo with phone number and website, to a two color advertising program with dedicated panels to convey important company information, or advertise new additions to your product line. You decide what’s right for your needs. Our full service graphics department can assist you with layout and composition suggestions, or you can do it yourself. For examples of some of our past projects, click here.

 What does this program cost?  This is the best part. It’s complimentary when you buy boxes from us. There are no extra fees, hidden costs, or surprises. The only request we have is that the print area be 50%-60% of the total available print area of the box. We will work with you to design a branding program that will give your packaging a professional and attractive presentation your customers will recognize and remember. 

How do we sign up? It’s easy. Just place an order for a flexo printed box, mailer, or any other qualifying item that you have received an estimate for. Or, call us at (800) 451-2579, and we’ll be happy to give you pricing and information, or give you whatever assistance you need to compose and/or finalize your artwork. For a complete description of our artwork requirements, click here. 

In Conclusion, we feel we have the best program available for printed corrugated boxes in the country. Our Packaging Consultants are available to speak with you about your project, Monday thru Friday, during regular business hours, central time. Call us at (800) 451-2579.   

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