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Flexographic print is a basic technology, which utilizes water-based inks. The printing method is similar to rubber-stamping, in that a printing plate containing a reverse reading image of what is to be printed is used to transfer the ink to the area of the box to be printed. Therefore, the artwork format is limited to line art and text. We cannot blend colors, print gradients, or screen halftones finer than 40/40 (40 dpi / 40% black density). Here are the basic artwork specs we require:

Artwork must be a single file in PDF format.  All text must be outlined and any images embedded in the artwork, must be provided separately in PS, JPG or TIFF formats.

The largest continuous print image we can make is 16” x 21”. Larger print areas will require the purchase of printing plates from an outside vendor. Pricing can be obtained, based on the artwork submitted. In many cases, however, there are artwork modifications that can provide a workable solution.

If artwork is multi color, it must be called out in color.

Print must be at least 1/2” from any folding score or slot, unless pre-approved by the Art Department.

Multi color artwork must not have touching or overlapping colors, unless pre-approved by the Art Department. A minimum 3/16” separation between colors is recommended.

Our Art Department can assist you in formatting your artwork for optimum printability.  You can send it to us via two methods: If your art file is less than 10MB, e-mail it to If your art file exceeds 10MB, please call Hector Nava at (817) 608-9180, and ask for FTP upload instructions.

Please send your contact information and the estimate number (file name) for the item the artwork is related to.  We cannot work on artwork not related to an existing estimate or order.

If you would like an estimate for your project, call us at (800) 451-2579. One of our Packaging Consultants will be happy to assist you.

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