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Industrial and Commercial Packaging refers to the kinds of boxes that are used to ship products at an economic cost. These can be general sized shipping boxes for packing various sizes and shapes, or they can be custom sized boxes, made to a specific size for a particular item or purpose. Internal packaging, such as partitions, die cut inserts, layer pads, and void fills are often used to add protection, organization, and enhanced presentation to the package.

We offer a variety of styles to choose from in this area. Listed below are many of the styles we make regularly. Once you’ve chosen a style that fits your project, you can request pricing by clicking on the “Request an Estimate” button. If you need help in choosing a style, please call us at (800) 451-2579, and one of our Packaging Consultants will be happy to assist you.

slotted container
Regular Slotted Container (RSC) The most common style of box, it has four closure flaps on the top and bottom. Two small inside flaps, and two larger outside flaps that, when folded, meet in the middle of the top and bottom. It is an excellent general packaging style, and can be made in many size configurations.
full overlap container
Full Overlap Container (FOL) – This style of box is made in the same way as an RSC, only the outside closure flaps fully overlap the opening when folded. This closure method adds additional strength and a flat surface to the bottom of the box, and reinforces the top as well. When used in an end or side-loading configuration, it will provide the maximum strength and rigidity of six fully closed panels. It is a great style for packaging flat items, such as picture frames and guitar cases, as well as heavy items, such as furniture and machinery.
knock down flat tray
Half Slotted Container (HSC) An RSC with no top flaps. It can be made with RSC or FOL bottom flaps. It can be used with a Design Style Tray (DST) lid for storage purposes, or as an in-line transfer box for moving parts or materials. Hand holds are a good addition to this style.
five panel folder
Five Panel Folder (5PF)  – Similar to the FOL when closed, the Five Panel Folder is a wrapper style that can be used when packaging multiple items that need to be arranged in the package before closure. The fifth panel acts as the closure, and adds an extra measure of strength and protection.
Knock Down Flat (KDF) Tray – A scored and slotted sheet that will fold up into a tray when the corners are secured with tape, staples or hot melt glue. It can be used singly, or with an optional telescoping cover. It can also be used as an optional cover for a Half Slotted Container(HSC). A self-locking version can be made with a cutting die.
one piece folder
One Piece Folder – A simple wrapper style designed so that a flat item can be laid in the center, and the corresponding panels and flaps will wrap around and cover it completely. Commonly used for packing printed matter with several design variations, depending on the application. May require a cutting die depending upon the design, size, and quantity needed.
pads, partitions, void fills Pads, Partitions and Void Fills Pads are flat sheets of corrugated material, which can be used for numerous purposes, such as separating layers of material, structural reinforcement, or protection from knife cuts to items inside when a box is opened. Partitions are assembled sheets that are designed to divide any interior space into equal size segments of various quantities. Used for numerous applications when shipping multiple like items, such as glass jars, metal machined parts, etc… Void Fills are sheets of material that have been scored so they will fold into a shape to fill excess space.

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