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We manufacture custom colored boxes to your specifications for shipping or decorative use. is your source for all custom box needs.

There are several ways to add color to boxes, depending on the application, quantity, and budget of your project. The following is a detailed description of the various kinds of colored boxes we can make for shipping or decorative purposes:

Shipping Boxes and Commercial Mailer Boxes

Colored corrugated material is available in almost any color for making regular shipping or die cut style boxes. The color is applied at the paper mill directly to the outer surface with water-based inks that saturate it with pigment. The finish is matte, and the ability to print over it is limited somewhat due to the liner having absorbed a great amount of ink pigment already. Printing darker colors over light colors works best. The minimum mill run for this type of material is 25,0000 square feet. The minimum order quantity is determined by dividing 25,000 square feet by the number of square feet of material in the box. For example, if a box has 6.75 sq. ft. of material, the minimum order quantity would be roughly 3,700 boxes. An order for a box with 10.0 sq. ft. would be 2,500 boxes, etc. Click Here for Examples.
Decorative and Glossy Finish Boxes

The process for adding color to boxes with a glossy
or decorative finish requires mounting a paper liner of the appropriate color to the outside of the corrugated sheet prior to manufacturing. Liners are available in any color. The minimum order quantity for this type of project is 1,000 parts per color. These boxes can be made with matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish. These boxes vary greatly in price depending on the box size, quantity, color, and type of finish desired, but you can expect to them to run in the $2-$5 range, based on the above criteria. Click Here for Examples.
Pricing and Samples – to receive pricing for this type of box, please click on the Request an Estimate button below, and fill out the convenient form supplied. Please use the comments area to include any and all important information about your project, including the style, type of finish, PMS color or type of design to be put on the box, etc. If you need to speak live with us about your project, call us at 800-451-2579 or 817-608-9180, and one of our Packaging Consultants will be happy to assist. For information on samples, please Click Here.

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