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We ship from our facility in Grand Prairie, Texas to almost any point within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We use Fedex, UPS, USPS, and various motor freight carriers, depending upon the size and weight of the shipment, and the destination. We are very flexible in giving our customers shipping options, but there are ultimately going to be some costs involved. We are happy to supply estimated shipping costs for items we have priced upon request. Below are some guidelines that explain how this process works. 



 Ground service carriers, such as Fedex, UPS, and USPS are used for shipping samples and small quantities of boxes that weigh less than 200 pounds. Ground service carriers work well for home, storefront, and office building deliveries if the weight and number of packages is not too large. If you have an account with any of these carriers, we are happy to ship using your account number. 



Motor freight carriers are utilized for orders where the size and weight of the shipment make ground service impractical.  Typically, motor freight shipments are most cost effective when shipping to a commercial building or warehouse with a dock area that a truck can back up to for unloading. For facilities without a dock, there are additional costs, based on the type of facility and number of additional services required to deliver the shipment. Below is a list of freight terms and accessorial services and their definitions.



Delivery to a building equipped for shipping and receiving goods via motor freight. Facilities must have a designated area where freight trucks up to 53 feet in length can have easy access to either a loading dock or a ground level area where freight can be loaded or unloaded.



Delivery to any address that does not have a designated shipping/receiving area with either a dock or forklift and/or pallet jack to remove the freight from the truck.  Some common non-commercial facilities include strip malls, store fronts, office buildings not equipped with receiving facilities, self storage facilities, schools, churches, and home-based businesses (see Residential Delivery below).



Delivery to any location in a residential neighborhood, or delivery to any address that is used as a living residence, even if said address conducts business from that location. Freight companies are very firm on this point. Home-based businesses do not qualify as a commercial address. If they have to enter a residential area or pull up to where someone lives, residential delivery costs apply.



A hydraulic device mounted on the back of a truck, which is used to lower a load from truck to ground level. It is required for all deliveries where there is no dockand/or forklift to remove the freight from the truck.  



Delivery appointments are necessary whenever the shipment is delivered to a location where there is not someone available during regular business hours to unload the freight. Some common appointment scenarios include: unmanned warehouse, storage facility, residential delivery, and limited dock hours.



Freight carrier responsibility for delivery ends at ten feet from the end of the truck. However, they will bring the freight into your facility for an additional charge. The cost for this service is based on the amount of freight, and how far from the delivery point it has to be moved. An estimate can be reached prior to delivery based on supplied information about the requirements, and the amount of freight to be moved.


We have negotiated with our carriers to obtain the best rates possible. However, if you have relationships with your own preferred carriers, you can pick up at our facility free of charge.

We are always happy to provide shipping estimates upon request. If you don’t see your shipping requirements listed above, please call us and we’ll give you an estimate based on your specific needs.

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