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Jim Dandy Boxes are designers and manufacturers of quality corrugated packaging, and have been providing custom box solutions for over 40 years.

We manufacture many types of custom boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, custom shipping boxes, custom die cut boxes, and custom printed boxes for companies that want a more professional appearance.
The slideshow at left highlights examples of our Flexo-Graphics Packaging™ program, which allows companies to have standard corrugated shipping and die cut boxes printed without incurring the cost of printing plates in most cases. For more information, click on the button below the slideshow to be redirected.
We also design and manufacture a wide variety of point of purchase displays, retail packaging, sales and promotional kits, and almost any other corrugated product that you may need.
Take some time to explore our site at length. Start in the Customer Classroom area, where you’ll find a wealth of useful information. Our Products and Services area is where you’ll find the information needed to find your type of project and get pricing.
If your company is in need of any type of custom boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes,  or custom printed boxes  we of course, are always happy to speak with you live! Just call us at 800-451-2579 or 817-608-9180, and one of our Packaging Consultants will be available to discuss your project in detail.

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